P.L.A.Y Safari Wildlife

P.L.A.Y Safari Wildlife

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One of a kind. These Safari creatures have had too much of a good meal. Leonard the LionZara the ZebraGabi the GiraffeCody the Crocodile and Ernie the Elephant each come with a big round belly. Some belch, some squeak and some kind of roar. Instead of grazing the grassland, they bounce and tumble across your living room floor.

Each of these magnificent Safari Wildlife comes with an over-sized squeaky in their belly, and both hind legs slide from from side to side during tugging.  

* Suitable for medium to large dogs or petite dogs with an appetite for large toys.

* Each plush toy comes with a unique sounding supersized squeaker, perfect for hours of rambunctious fun and adjustable sliding hind limbs made from high-tensile strength cotton rope, which is great for epic tug-of-war games

* Hand-made craftsmanship, double layer exterior and inverse-stitched edges ensure extra durability

* Each Under the Safari Wildlife comes with squeaker for hours of rambunctious fun!

* Eco-friendly PlantFill (R) filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles

* Contains AZO-free dye

* Machine washable and dryer friendly

* Love all the Safari Wildlife here? Bundle available at 10% off.

In line with P.L.A.Y.’s continued commitment to helping animals in need, the manufacturer contributes 2% of the purchase price to benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid in its mission to reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress. 

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