OUR GROOMING STYLE is best described as patient and meticulous. Our certified stylists are highly experienced and award-winning pet groomers are constantly kept abreast with the latest grooming styles and techniques. We specialize in scissoring and hand-stripping and creative colours. Ask for a breed specific cut or customize to your liking.

HOW OFTEN? Because our city pets are constantly exposed to dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria that can damage their coats and skin, we recommend grooming every 4-6 weeks and bathing (with a proper brush out!) approximately every 7 days by a professional. In addition to thorough brushing at home, regular salon visits allow us to keep a closer eye on the condition and well-being of your pet, prevent matting, and more.

GROOMER’S PLEDGE! Let's work together to find a style that works best for you and the comfort of your best friend. Our goal is to provide a grooming certain to please. We offer same day and next day touch-ups if you feel something is out of place.



Bath & Fluff

Basic Grooming

Full Grooming


Mini Dog below 4kg





Small Dog below 10 kg





Medium Dog below 18kg





Large Dog above 18kg










Small Animal





















Add-On Services

Teeth Brushing $10

Undercoat Removal $10-$100

Dematting $10-$300

Medicated Wash $10

Colour From $30

Dental Cleaning From $150


A la carte Services

Nails Trim & File $20

Ear Cleaning $10

Ear hair removal $10

Paw pad trimming $10

Face trimming From $10

Anal Gland Expression $10